Friday, September 25, 2009

Yes...I know it has been awhile..Setlist 9/24/09

..since I have posted a setlist! I could blame grad school but I know everybody has busy schedules.
Anyway, you are probably reading this to find out what I played! So here it goes..

The Hidden Hand - Reprise
Eric Towren - Sinestre
Boris - Vomitself
Jack Trombley - Dark Earth
Switchblade - 02
The Adult Cakes - Dick Shaped Doorway (this isn't released anywhere)
Monster Magnet - Longhair
Dead Meadow - Let it all Pass
Black Sabbath - Hand of Doom (live Paris 1970)
Black Sabbath - Beyond the Wall of Sleep (live Paris 1970)
Aloke - Head on a String

I also played some mashups afterhours, including one of my own -- but the levels were fairly variable and it was more of an experiment -- if you wanna know what they were, poke me. ;)

<3 Sen/Art

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