Sunday, December 20, 2009

Got Them Blues Again...

I was nursing a post-Solstice party hangover on Saturday, so I threw out some blues and blues-inspired tunes. Happy whatever-you-celebrate, and I'll see y'all on the other side. Much, much love.

Boom Boom -- John Lee Hooker
Blues On The West Side -- Aguaturbia
Leaving Trunk -- The Black Keys
Black Coffee -- Peggy Lee
A Song For Jeffrey -- Jethro Tull
Green River -- Creedence Clearwater Revival
ProzaKc Blues -- King Crimson
Feelin' Good -- Nina Simone
Ain't No Sunshine -- Bill Withers
300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues -- The White Stripes
Lean Woman Blues -- T.Rex
Hobo Blues -- John Lee Hooker
Statesboro Blues -- Allman Bros.
Girl Is On My Mind -- The Black Keys
Suzie Q -- Creedence Clearwater Revival
Hey Joe -- Jimi Hendrix
Can't Find My Way Home -- Blind Faith

Saturday, December 19, 2009


My setlist for today celebrated the fact that I got my grades in for my 350 undergrad students last night (w00t). A bunch of songs about work, avoiding work, weekends, and working it. Also, it gave me a chance to play Dolly Parton at Fracture.

"9 to 5"--Dolly Parton
"She Works Hard for the Money"--Donna Summer
"The Slacker (Sunday Best Nu-Polka Remix)--Bastila
"Watch us Work It"--Devo (produced by the Teddy Bears)
"Working in the Coal Mine"--Devo
"Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go to Work)"--They Might be Giants
"Senses Working Overtime"--XTC
"Model Worker"--Magazine
"This Devil's Workday"--Modest Mouse
"Tina Goes to Work"--Nobunny
"Actor Out of Work"--St. Vincent
"Me, You and the Working Class--Acid Brains
"Working Part Time"--The Henry Clay People
"Out of Work Early"--Excuses for Skipping
"Stop Working"--The Yolks
"Working for Another Song"--Townhall
"Weekend"--Dr. Dog
"Blue Monday (New Order cover)--The Cloud Room
"Manic Monday"--Finn Wallace
"Work Song"--Dan Reeder

Happy solstice, hope you enjoyed your Chanukkah, have a great Kwanza, Merry Christmas, have a festive Saturnalia, and enjoy the end of the Aughties. I'll see you next year.


Stringed Setlist

Hello, Friends.

This is a set I played last week, of songs featuring a stringed element, mostly cello, because cello is the sexiest thing evah, but some viola and violin. A fairly dreamy set for the most part.

"Danny the Dog"--Massive Attack
"Tragedy (Austin Cello Version)"--Brandi Carlile
"Will the Night"--Low
"Welcome Home"--Tegan and Sara
"The Unforgiven"--Apocalyptica
"Wish You Were Here"--Rasputina
"What Have I Done"--Anna Ternheim
"Cello Song"--The Books feat. Jose Gonzalez
"Fly"--Nick Drake
"Stephanie Says"--The Velvet Underground
"Stone Throwers"--Johnny Hollow
"No Words"--Black Violin
"Like Some Violins Playing"--The Mad Violinist
"I am the Tall Tree"--The Flock

Cheers, Lumi


During my Thursday set at Fracture I gave out a link for a free copy of the Regrets & Brunettes album At Night You Love Me. I later realized my mistake. The code was good for just one download. The band has since sent me a few more codes. I have at the moment 7 more for the asking. Drop me an email at and I'll send you one.
Also, since most of us Fracturelings seem to have an awesomely irreverent sense of humor, I'm sharing this site with you that I've recently been cracking the hell up over.

Enjoy! - Ennui

Thursday, December 17, 2009

12/17 Setlist

1. Oceano da Cruz - Beehives Mighty Vicious (1:30)
2. Wiretree - Back in Town (3:12)
3. The French Semester - The Large Bouquet (3:32)
4. LARRY GUS - Hearing the Words you Said (2:41)
5. Portishead - Chase The Tear (5:15)
6. Throw Me the Statue - Snowshoes (2:46)
7. MGMT - Love Always Remains (5:38)
8. Sweet Trip - Your World Is Eternally Complete (4:18)
9. Kniife Prrty - (Let's Get) Higher (3:49)
10. Wan Light - That Grim Reality (3:12)
11. Ramona Falls - Melectric (4:16)
12. Slender Means - The Comet (3:23)
13. Envy & Other Sins - Man Bites God (3:34)
14. Regrets & Brunettes - Tough Love (5:06)
15. Akron/Family - Many Ghosts (4:04)
16. The Smiles and Frowns - The Echoes of Time (3:15)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Before it's over...

I just wanna wish everybody a Happy Hanukkah! I love long festive periods, as it's much harder to miss them! Anyhow, here's some hanukkah mashups for everyone! Yay!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The *New* Nightlight Lounge...

Hiya, Fracturelings. Just wanted to let you know that fellow Fracture fan and musical ne'er-do-well Walton Vieria is reopening the Nightlight Lounge! Expect some random and impromptu sets while they shake things down to be able to open properly.

Quality music and hijinks are bound to ensue, so make sure to wander in and say hi.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

12/10 Setlist

1. Volcano Choir - Island, IS (4:08)
2. Woods Family Creeps - Twisted Tongue (2:18)
3. Egyptian hip hop - Heavy Heaven (demo) (3:46)
4. Azeda Booth - Fiji Inn Hearts (2:59)
5. Larry Gus - Girl You're No Failure (4:02)
6. Nurses - Caterpillar Playground (2:49)
7. Peephole - Guilty Boat (4:17)
8. the Sun - So Long, Sundays (3:41)
9. Spoon - Written in Reverse (Live at Pitchfork Music Festival) (4:34)
10. Okay - Loveless (1:59)
11. Dead Gaze - 3. Your Ozzie Face (3:39)
12. Regrets & Brunettes - Post Punk (2:32)
13. The Candy Twins - Sad-Glad Song (4:18)
14. Morningbell - Stay In The Garden (3:51)
15. Jónsi - Boy Lilikoi (4:27)
16. Brian Eno & David Byrne - Strange Overtones (4:17)
17. KiD CuDi - CudderIsBack (2:25)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Grot The Third!

All good things come to an end, especially when they're Dell power supplies. I guess then, that the word "good" really doesn't apply. Ok. Let me start this over.

All things come to an end, especially when Dell manufactures them. The Grotbox's power supply fan ingested some sort of small mammal or bit of "case fur" and met its end. Being a Dell, it had a proprietary power supply that I couldn't replace without spending money. Fortunately, I am a resourceful techfae, so I replaced the ailing Dell machine with (here's the fantastically clever part) another ailing Dell machine. It's got a power supply that is nonstandard, and yet refreshingly incompatible with Grot The Second's mainboard.

Screwy, ain't it?

Anyhow, the copious waste heat from the Pentium 4 provides an ideal microclimate for jade plants and freezing faeries alike.

Until it blows up again. Don't fret, though - I've got a pile of Dell machines to burn through.