Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stringed Setlist

Hello, Friends.

This is a set I played last week, of songs featuring a stringed element, mostly cello, because cello is the sexiest thing evah, but some viola and violin. A fairly dreamy set for the most part.

"Danny the Dog"--Massive Attack
"Tragedy (Austin Cello Version)"--Brandi Carlile
"Will the Night"--Low
"Welcome Home"--Tegan and Sara
"The Unforgiven"--Apocalyptica
"Wish You Were Here"--Rasputina
"What Have I Done"--Anna Ternheim
"Cello Song"--The Books feat. Jose Gonzalez
"Fly"--Nick Drake
"Stephanie Says"--The Velvet Underground
"Stone Throwers"--Johnny Hollow
"No Words"--Black Violin
"Like Some Violins Playing"--The Mad Violinist
"I am the Tall Tree"--The Flock

Cheers, Lumi

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