Saturday, December 19, 2009


My setlist for today celebrated the fact that I got my grades in for my 350 undergrad students last night (w00t). A bunch of songs about work, avoiding work, weekends, and working it. Also, it gave me a chance to play Dolly Parton at Fracture.

"9 to 5"--Dolly Parton
"She Works Hard for the Money"--Donna Summer
"The Slacker (Sunday Best Nu-Polka Remix)--Bastila
"Watch us Work It"--Devo (produced by the Teddy Bears)
"Working in the Coal Mine"--Devo
"Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go to Work)"--They Might be Giants
"Senses Working Overtime"--XTC
"Model Worker"--Magazine
"This Devil's Workday"--Modest Mouse
"Tina Goes to Work"--Nobunny
"Actor Out of Work"--St. Vincent
"Me, You and the Working Class--Acid Brains
"Working Part Time"--The Henry Clay People
"Out of Work Early"--Excuses for Skipping
"Stop Working"--The Yolks
"Working for Another Song"--Townhall
"Weekend"--Dr. Dog
"Blue Monday (New Order cover)--The Cloud Room
"Manic Monday"--Finn Wallace
"Work Song"--Dan Reeder

Happy solstice, hope you enjoyed your Chanukkah, have a great Kwanza, Merry Christmas, have a festive Saturnalia, and enjoy the end of the Aughties. I'll see you next year.


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