Friday, April 13, 2012

Hey gang! Since NeoStreams has had so many connection problems as of late, I've dumped them. Unfortunately, that means we've had to change streams...

So make a note of our shiny new stream address!

The same music and mayhem you've come to love, now with a streaming provider that isn't too timid to yell at their ISP.

Fracture Radio: who loves ya?

Our old stream address will be up for a little while at least. Ironically enough, the backup stream provided by NeoStreams stopped working entirely, so that link is no longer valid.

We will still be broadcasting at until the rental runs out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fuck running XP in VirtualBox...

When you're trying to get Microsoft products to play nice with Oracle products, in a GNU/linux environment, there's a word for that.


In the meantime, we're configuring Airtime. It's going to ROCK.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Son of Bride of Grotzilla!

Greetings from the Fracture Radio Center for Really Advanced Projects!

I'll let the acronym sink into your head for a minute. Apt, no?

Anyway, say hello to the new Grotbox. Contained within is a super powerful Athlon II, running at a paint-stripping 3.1ghz. 6gb of RAM and a pants-rending 2.1tb of drives round out the package nicely.

The new server will be running Debian Squeeze, with a crufty old copy of Windows XP running the same copy of SAM that you've come to know and love. This will give us the flexibility to experiment with less crufty open-source streaming solutions, without the heartbreak of interrupted service.

Anyway, I'm psyched. I hope you're all psyched too. ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"All things come to an end, especially when Dell manufactures them."

I wrote those words over 2 years ago, celebrating the death and rebirth of our favorite pile of trash server, the venerable Grotbox, and they ring true as ever today.

The grotbox is down. The northwest corner of my office no longer wheezes with the breath of cooling fans. Sitting in a motherboard box is the Grot's replacement - an Athlon II with 6gb of RAM. Refreshingly incompatible Dell power supplies and cases continue to flummox your humble admin, but we shall win through with new hardware.

In the meantime, Fracture Radio continues on, as a virtual machine hosted on my desktop - a clever simulation of actual crap hardware, running on not-so-crap hardware. It's the future, after all.

RIP Grot the third. 12/9/2009 - 3/15/2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hey, Fracturelings!

Our streaming provider is having some issues with our Shoutcast server. To that end, if you're having trouble listening try this link:

I'll keep you posted as to what transpires.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Clockwheel freakout!

Long story short, I've hit upon a game-changer. Now our favorite completely random radio station is just a little less random. Stay tuned for new programming such as:

Weird Stuff at Four - A collection of B-movie disco, Italian Film Library jams, Turkish Freakouts, and Balkan Jazz.

Eighties at Six - Why six? Because fuck you!

Downtempeaux Lounge - A sultry serving of slower and groovier deep cuts, with a generous side of synths.

All times Central... so check us out!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We've moved streams!

Hello covert llama smugglers. Our new stream address is

If you want it to open in your browser, just put a /listen.pls on the end, like this:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Latina Pro Populo

I've been promising to do a set with Latin lyrics for a while, and finally came through. Here's the playlist:

Sieben Magnificat-Antiphonen for Choir: VI. O König aller Völker--Arvo Pärt
Best of Times--Kyle Gabler
O Fortuna--Carl Orff
Missa Luba: Credo--Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin
Dona Nobis Pacem--Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Sanctus--Fumitaka Anzai
Ipsa Vivere--O Quam Tristis...
Salva Nos--Mediaeval Baebes
Oh Fortuna--Estampie
Bacchus--Corvus Corax
Stetit Puella--In Extremo
The Omen (Ave Satani)--Fantomas
Dies Irae--Streetcorner Prophets
Stigmata Martyr--Bauhaus

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A 2 Hour Slice of the World

I played a globetrotting set on Thursday 2 September.

Yasmin Levy--Hallelujah
Ana Tijoux--1977
Gotan Project--Arrabal
Rubén Blades--Primogenio
Alamaailman Vasarat--Perikunta
Ali Farka Touré--Allah Uya
Vieux Farka Touré--Fafa
Fela Kuti--Swegbe & Pako
Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin--Seya Wa Mama Ndalamba
12 Cents for Marvin--Persian Dub
Asian Dub Foundation--Cyberabad
Enduser--Not There
Panjabi MC--Yaaran Kolon Sikh Kuriye
Maduro--Tower of Babel
Balkan Beat Box--Joro Boro
Abraham Inc--Trombonik
Socalled--Ich Bin A Border By Mayn Vayb
DeVotchKa--Charlotte Mittnacht (The Fabulous Destiny of...)
Solomon & Socalled--Freylekhs fun der Khupe: Pelt me with rice
Ta-Shma--Rachamana (Feat. Matisyahu)
Dunkelbunt--La Revedere (Feat. Amsterdam Klezmer Band)
DeVotchKa--Death by Blonde
The Sensational Alex Harvey--Next
Gogol Bordello--Ultimate
Goran Bregovic--Ya Ya (Ringe Ringe Raja)
Candan Erçetin--Melek
Esplendor Geometrico--Moscú Esta Helado
Distemper--Wsje Otlitschno!
Irfan--Hagia Sophia
Corvus Corax--Filii Neidhardi

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Halloween in July!

For yesterday's Fracture event, we pulled out some ghosts and ghoulies and had a Halloween in July celebration!

Neb and Jubi provided us with some spooky, tentacled decor;

Noctis, Beta, and my Roseself spun the tunes.

It was my first time DJing since my RL college graduation in May, hehe.
And I was a skeleton! : D

Anyway, setlist time!:

Love Like Blood -- Killing Joke
The Undertaker (Renholder Mix) -- Puscifer
Psycho Killer -- Talking Heads
Sympathy for the Devil -- Sisters of Mercy
Ghost -- VNV Nation
Dissolved Girl -- Massive Attack
Dead Man's Party -- Oingo Boingo
Bullet with Butterfly Wings -- Smashing Pumpkins
Gutter Glitter -- Switchblade Symphony
Nocturnal -- Tiger Army
Graveyard Queen -- Zombie Ghost Train
Blood and Fire -- Type O Negative
Life is a Grave and I Dig It -- Necromantix
Bela Lugosi's Dead -- Nouvelle Vague version


Love n'bruises,