Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eddie Set from April 30th

1. Buck 65 - Slow Drama (3:39)
2. Bauhaus - Paranoia, Paranoia (5:08)
3. David Bowie - The Motel (6:50)
4. The Dinosaurs Remember - Hysterical (5:44)
5. Lou Reed - Change (2:18)
6. Ben Folds Five - Your Most Valuable Possession (1:58)
7. Wolf Parade - Modern World (2:52)
8. Elvis Costello - The Delivery Man (4:38)
9. Radiohead - POLYETHYLENE parts 1&2 (4:22)
10. Thom Yorke - Black Swan (4:48)
11. Our Lady Peace - Stealing Babies (Featuring Elvin Jones) (5:31)
12. Brian Eno - Just another day (4:21)
13. Apollo Sunshine - Ghost (3:44)
14. Patrick Wolf - The Stars (3:51)

Sen's Playlist 4/30

Tonights set = Heavy.

Aloke - Avoiding a Disaster
Don Caballero - Slaughbaugh's Ought Not Own Dog Data
Don Caballero - Lord Krepelka
Lightning Bolt - 2 Towers
The Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez
Oh My God - Facewash
Persona Grata - Exhibit C
Sonic Youth - The World Looks Red
Trans Am - The Campaign
Trystero - Live 11/3/08 TTH
Mr. Bungle - Platypus the inception of a new and hilarious band name: Pooter Chakra.

you heard it here first.


Xaxo's April 28 Setlist - Cut Fizz

Hey everyone! Just posting the info from my set from tuesday.

Technically its saved,but I dont really have a place to upload the thing, or else I might - is that appealing? Feedback is goods!

Otherwise, this is somewhat of a mix between new, idm, glitch and..the thumpy grab bag I usually tote around! Not really too much framework to this one. It does contain a lot of Karin Dreijer Andersson , for no real reason tho.

Christian Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Amorph [my little ambient leadin part]
Fever Ray - When I Grow Up
Boards of Canada - Aquarius
Hood - The Lost You
Prefuse 73 - Nuno
Autechre - Ccec
Robert Hood - Who Taught You Math
Plaid - Reishi
Nathan Fake - Dinamo (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
Mark Broom & Milhalis Safras - Jelle
Royskopp - What Else Is There (Vitalic Remix)
Mr Static - Shadow Chocker (Kreon Shadow Gagger Remix)
Artificial Latvamaki - Find The Way To Their Heads Completely Alone
Spencer Parker - Chiho
Henrik Schwarz, Âme & Dixon feat. Derrick L. Carter - Where We At
The Knife - Like A Pen (Thomas Schumacher Dub)

Thats all for now! Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rieko's April 28th Set List - Spring

Hi everyone! I think it's great having a blog for Fracture!! I'll post my set list and also talk a bit about how the set is themed. I won't do this often, because I don't think knowing (or realizing) the theme or these details is very important, but I like my sets to follow some sort of emotional story, and i usually use a theme to bring that about. ^^

The theme of this set was the emergence of spring from winter. Much (all?) of the set is Trance. It begins with two songs about rain, both old Vocal Trance Songs:

1. Stunt - "Raindrops"
2. NRC - "Here Comes The Rain"

Then a cold, Trance song...

3. Arnej feat. 8 Wonders - "People Never Change" (original mix)

Then two Progressive Trance songs...

4. Ski Fi - "Waverange"
5. Reefer Decree - "Nightvision"

Then three, chilling, Tech Trance songs:

6. Opsy - "Her Ghost in the Fog"
7. Leon Bolier - "10PM" (subsphere chillout remix)
8. Ascii Disko - "Tonite"

Then three, gentle, but radiant Vocal Trance songs (as I was playing this, I realized I could have inserted a better transition here xD):

9. Blake Jarrell - "Punta Del Este" (beach mix)
10. Solar Stone - "Seven Cities" (Armin Van Buuren Vocal Mix)
11. Armin Van Buuren feat. Racoon - "Love You More" (original mix)

Then closes out with three more energetic and radiant Trance songs:

12. Akesson - "Perfect Blue"
13. Andy Blueman - "Nyctalopia"
14. Bissen - "Exhale" (Sean Tyas remix)

Hope you enjoyed!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A little behind the times

Hello my beloved Fracturelings, I wanted to get in on uploading my set lists as well. Last Thursday, the 23rd we took the idea of the blog from inception to launch, and how awesome to be involved in that! xoxox Savascha

So here we go...
Circulatory System - Yesterday's World
The Vexations - Organ Songs
Devo - Uncontrollable Urge
Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
A Band of Bees - Hot One!
The Arcade Fire - Old Flame
Plastic Bertrand - Le Petit Tortillard
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Softshock
Beirut - Scenic World
Braniac - Hot Seat Can't Sit Down
Common - Universal Mind Control
Birdy Nam Nam - From Here to There
Cansei De Ser Sexy - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
Cut Copy - Future
Gang Gang Dance - Nomad for Love (Cannibal)
Papas Fritas - Way You Walk
Pinback - Crutch
The Folk Implosion - Merry-Go-Down

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sample Fracturechat and Av Variety

Being a Hostess at Fracture, I will leave the more musically themed posts to the DJs. I love the avatar expression and the fun, intelligent and loving discussion that happens when Fractuelings gather.

Pictured here are Lehn, Pinkfeather, Keris, Udge and myself as we appeared yesterday to illustrate avatar expression.

I’m providing a sample of a few conversations from yesterday’s event, a mere taste of the flavor of Fracturechat.

1) I rezzed in the middle of a discussion of things to do with Dokken:

Beta Bates does coke with Dokken
Pinkfeather Heron fights Freddy Krueger with Dokken
Noctis Oh eats shredded wheat with Dokken

2) Sci-Fi geekery happens at Fracture.

Foley Appletor: actually I think R2D2 is more suited for doing Brazillian Punk Rock standards
Peridot Winkler: What is C3PO's gig?
Trinity Halberstadt: c3po with the phat rhymes, yo :)

3) The inevitable food conversation:

Pinkfeather Heron: unfortunately, I cannae get to avocado right now unless I walk :<
Foley Appletor: half the fun is the chase, but eating them is pretty good too
Noctis Oh: they're slippery buggers
Udge Watanabe: they're nearly as wily as lichen.
Pinkfeather Heron imagines avocados rolling through the streets like tumbleweed
Noctis Oh imagines them bouncing and boinging

There were also discussions of contaminated water, La Jolla's controversial seals, what instruments we played in High School, gender transitioning, and much much more.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pink's playlist 4/45/2009

O hai. :)

Tim Fite - "Away From The Snakes"
Sonic Youth - "Pay No Mind"
Mount Eerie - "Voice In Headphones"
Al Hotchkiss - "Born To Die"
Inverness - "Forest Spirit"
Candy Claws - "Lantern Fish"
Milton Nascimento - "Cadê"
Will Oldham - "Sapele"
Mammatus - "The Changing Wind"
Norrbottens Järn - "Samma Vindar, Samma Dofter"
Les Mogol - "Sunset In Golden Horn"
Pekko Kæppi - "Dorozhnaja zvezda"
Magical Power Mako - "Andromeda"
Moondog - "Big Cat"
Os Mutantes - "Trem Fantasma"
Michael Mantler - "The Insect God"

Foley Playlist 4/25

Thanks everyone for listening!
Here's the set:
Murder City Devils- Boom Swagger Boom
Squarepusher - Red Hot Car
Fred Frith - A Spit in the Ocean
The Mummies- (You Must Fight to Live) On the Planet of the Apes
The Dwarves - Drug Store
The Specials - Stupid Marriage
Buck 65 - Wicked and Weird
Joy Division - Warsaw
Supercharger - You Irritate Me
Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
Tin Hat - Daisy Bell
Fazer Bem - Paulo 9
Stars - Going, Going, Gone
Interpol - PDA
Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer
Aphex Twin - Nannou
Download - Affirmed

Noctis' Klassical Set 25 April 2009

Well, helllooo, Fractureblogfolk.

Thanks to Linden for riding herd on this blogproject, and to Beta for establishing it. And Fracture, of course. . . I look forward to much musical postmayhem, and deep thoughts, and many bacon references.

For now, I'll follow Sen's lead and post my playlist for today. I did a tour of covers of classical musics, covering a lot of the past century. I started with Clara Rockmore on theremin, moved through a swing and klezmer Nutcracker trio of tunes, then hit surf, funk, psychedelic rock, punk, metal, goth/industrial, new wave, dance mash, glitch, and ended with a lovely track from the Tettix Rites of Spring.

Clara Rockmore--Saint Saens: The Swan
Duke Ellington--Sugar Rum Cherry
David Berger & The Sultans of Swing--Danse of the Floreadores
Shirim--Dance of the Latkes Queens
Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnies--Hungarian Dance No. 5
Walter Murphy--A Fifth of Beethoven
White Lightning--William Tell Overture
Electric Light Orchestra--In the Hall of the Mountain King
The Adicts--Ode to Joy
Mysterious Noise--Toccata
The Art of Noise--Rapt: In the Evening Air
Macolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra--House of the Blue Danube
A plus D--Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger
Ari Inkilainen--Satie's World Gymnopedie
Tettix--Sacrifical Dance

Twas a lovely Fracture event, with sets by Pink, Beta, and Foley, each one delicious.

Come listen inworld next time!

Sen's Playlist 4/23/09

Hihi all!

I have a bunch of archived playlists saved--I'll post those shortly.
Here's the one from this week:

Casperous Vine - Live at WBNY
Add N To (X) - On The Wires Of Our Nerves
The American Analog Set - Hard To Find
Caribou - Lord Leopard
Ciccone Youth - Into The Groovey
Dead Meadow - Seven Seers
Ozric Tentacles - It's a Hup Ho World
Fugazi - Long Distance Runner
Ghost - Abyssinia
Gorillaz - Double Bass
The Future Sound Of London - Ill Flower
Stereolab - Metronomic Underground (live)
Tortoise - Five Too Many


Thursday, April 23, 2009


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