Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rieko's April 28th Set List - Spring

Hi everyone! I think it's great having a blog for Fracture!! I'll post my set list and also talk a bit about how the set is themed. I won't do this often, because I don't think knowing (or realizing) the theme or these details is very important, but I like my sets to follow some sort of emotional story, and i usually use a theme to bring that about. ^^

The theme of this set was the emergence of spring from winter. Much (all?) of the set is Trance. It begins with two songs about rain, both old Vocal Trance Songs:

1. Stunt - "Raindrops"
2. NRC - "Here Comes The Rain"

Then a cold, Trance song...

3. Arnej feat. 8 Wonders - "People Never Change" (original mix)

Then two Progressive Trance songs...

4. Ski Fi - "Waverange"
5. Reefer Decree - "Nightvision"

Then three, chilling, Tech Trance songs:

6. Opsy - "Her Ghost in the Fog"
7. Leon Bolier - "10PM" (subsphere chillout remix)
8. Ascii Disko - "Tonite"

Then three, gentle, but radiant Vocal Trance songs (as I was playing this, I realized I could have inserted a better transition here xD):

9. Blake Jarrell - "Punta Del Este" (beach mix)
10. Solar Stone - "Seven Cities" (Armin Van Buuren Vocal Mix)
11. Armin Van Buuren feat. Racoon - "Love You More" (original mix)

Then closes out with three more energetic and radiant Trance songs:

12. Akesson - "Perfect Blue"
13. Andy Blueman - "Nyctalopia"
14. Bissen - "Exhale" (Sean Tyas remix)

Hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. Yay, thanks for giving us a sense of your narrative vision of your set, Rieko! It was very coherent.