Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sample Fracturechat and Av Variety

Being a Hostess at Fracture, I will leave the more musically themed posts to the DJs. I love the avatar expression and the fun, intelligent and loving discussion that happens when Fractuelings gather.

Pictured here are Lehn, Pinkfeather, Keris, Udge and myself as we appeared yesterday to illustrate avatar expression.

I’m providing a sample of a few conversations from yesterday’s event, a mere taste of the flavor of Fracturechat.

1) I rezzed in the middle of a discussion of things to do with Dokken:

Beta Bates does coke with Dokken
Pinkfeather Heron fights Freddy Krueger with Dokken
Noctis Oh eats shredded wheat with Dokken

2) Sci-Fi geekery happens at Fracture.

Foley Appletor: actually I think R2D2 is more suited for doing Brazillian Punk Rock standards
Peridot Winkler: What is C3PO's gig?
Trinity Halberstadt: c3po with the phat rhymes, yo :)

3) The inevitable food conversation:

Pinkfeather Heron: unfortunately, I cannae get to avocado right now unless I walk :<
Foley Appletor: half the fun is the chase, but eating them is pretty good too
Noctis Oh: they're slippery buggers
Udge Watanabe: they're nearly as wily as lichen.
Pinkfeather Heron imagines avocados rolling through the streets like tumbleweed
Noctis Oh imagines them bouncing and boinging

There were also discussions of contaminated water, La Jolla's controversial seals, what instruments we played in High School, gender transitioning, and much much more.


  1. Thanks for posting, Jubi!

    For visitors who only know us as a radio station, let me say that Fracture Radio hosts live DJ shows in the virtual world of Second Life. So if you enjoy listening, you can go to, open an account, and visit us at the Fracture club inworld.

  2. I wasn't kidding about fighting Freddy Krueger with Dokken!