Thursday, March 15, 2012

"All things come to an end, especially when Dell manufactures them."

I wrote those words over 2 years ago, celebrating the death and rebirth of our favorite pile of trash server, the venerable Grotbox, and they ring true as ever today.

The grotbox is down. The northwest corner of my office no longer wheezes with the breath of cooling fans. Sitting in a motherboard box is the Grot's replacement - an Athlon II with 6gb of RAM. Refreshingly incompatible Dell power supplies and cases continue to flummox your humble admin, but we shall win through with new hardware.

In the meantime, Fracture Radio continues on, as a virtual machine hosted on my desktop - a clever simulation of actual crap hardware, running on not-so-crap hardware. It's the future, after all.

RIP Grot the third. 12/9/2009 - 3/15/2012

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