Monday, January 4, 2010

Grot The Third! Now with SAM Broadkaster!

Hiya, Fracturelings! For the one person out there still listening to the Grotbox, I've got great news! My Chinese arms dealers just sent me their yearly tribute (we're big over there) and in it was a shiny, spankin' new copy of SAM Broadkaster. Hourly station IDs are back, as is random-but-logical playlist rotation. Expect things to tighten up as I go through the 30,000-odd (some of them very odd) songs on the drive and lovingly hand-weight them for your listening enjoyment. Thanks to our 2 listeners that make us the number one radio station on some certain small sunken islands in Thailand and Micronesia. You guys rock!

Anyhow, I'm off to strip down a bunch of chocolate assault rifles.

(Edit: 10:27pm) Ok. The chocolate assault rifles are all jammed with orange marmalade, and I'm pleasantly flummoxed. Anyhow, after a short outage, the Grotbox is back up, with a smooth and snappy BBE-flavored sound. All the classic psychoacoustic limiting you've come to love, but with rich robust bass and silken highs. Enjoy!

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