Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gardens are food for the soul.

While up all night in a fevered state this week, I rebuilt the Fracture Gardens. Saturday's show was held there, and my set was food-themed.

Here's the rundown:

Bjork & Tricky--Black Coffee
Memphis Minnie--Pig Meat on the Line
Bessie Smith--Gimme a Pigfoot
Willie Bobo--Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries
J. Marks and Shipen Lebzelter--Baked Beans
Moxy Fruvous--Green Eggs and Ham
Godley & Creme--Sandwiches of You
King Crimson--Cat Food
Buddharabbit--Beans With
Squeeze--Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)
Bow Wow Wow--I Want Candy
Weird Al Yankovic--My Bologna
Captured! by Robots--Speed Food Pyramid
Care Bears on Fire--Barbie Eat a Sandwich
Bratmobile--Eating Toothpaste
The Polkaholics--Sauerkraut is Sweet
Man Man--The Ballad of Butter Beans
Larry Groce--Junk Food Junkie
Ballgag N' Chain Gang--Everything is Better with Bacon
Pepe Delux--Salami Fever
The Dragons--Food for My Soul
Soul Coughing--Soft Serve
MadMixMustang--The Ice Cream Mash
Mike Doughty--More Bacon than the Pan Can Handle
Squeeze--Black Coffee in Bed

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