Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loneliness finds her own way

Find a comfy spot to curl in to listen to this set again. Love you darlings, xoxox, Savs.

Joan as Police Woman : We Don't Own it
St. Vincent : Just the Same but Brand New
Clem Snide : Loneliness Finds her Own Way
Carolina Chocolate Drops : Hit 'em Up Style
M.I.A. Paper Planes
Band of Bees : I Love You
Why? : Fatalist Palmistry
Be Your Own Pet: Wildcat!
Them : Death of a Thespian
Nite Jewel : What Did he Say
Jurassic 5 : Quality Control
Nobunny : Nobunny Loves You
MC Frontalot : It is Pitch Dark
The Kills : Fuck the People
Bearsuit : Kiki Keep me Company

The sign read, "Drink Me"

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