Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh, hai, it's Sav!

Hello darling Fracturelings, I've been sorely remiss in not posting, but to make it up to you, here is my set list... and my set! If you want to download the songs I have made a zip file that will be available for download!

Stephen Malkmus : Church on White
Hot Hot Heat : Outta Heart
Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham : Night Nurse
Birdie : Laugh
Circulatory System : Symbols and Maps
She & Him : Sweet Darlin'
Theresa Andersson : Birds Fly Away
April March : Le Code Rural
Camera Obscura : Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names : Seems to be on My Mind
Mates Of State : A Control Group
Of Montreal : Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games
Rollerskate Skinny : Swingboat Yawning
James : Laid
Mason Jennings : Birds Flying Away
The Rumble Strips : Girls and Boys in Love
Elvis Costello & The Attractions : Green Shirt
Persephone's Bees : Way to Your Heart

(Edit) Beta pointed out that clicking the link might be wonky, so cut and paste is better!

And try as I might, it is not in order, but you get the tunes. Love ya'll, Savascha


  1. Thanks sweets!! I appreciate it a lot!

  2. Thanks sooo much for the music, Sav...

    and thanks Linden, for being Super Moderator Boi!