Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sen's playlist 5/14

Another loud and heavy one!

Don Caballero - Celestial Dusty Groove
Fugazi - Epic Problem
Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty (Go Home Productions Remix)
Lightning Bolt - 13 Monsters
Persona Grata - Exhibit A
Rage Against the Machine - Street Fighting Man
Aloke - Hard Day at Work
Oh My God - The Sneak
Mockba - The Man
Sonic Youth - Kill Yr. Idols
Trans Am - Stereo Situation
Add N To (X) - Sir Ape
The Breeders - Iris (live)
Boris - Ganbou-Ki

..also more amazing bandnames:

Soy Mullet
Edible Wookie

..and super fancy album title: Things that turn you on and fit into a Honda


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