Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sen's Playlist 5/7

Both Eddie and I agreed on the abrasive vibe for this evening:

Oh My God - Get Out to Sea
Old Time Relijun - Veleno Mortale
Severe Severe - Awakening Fire
Sebadoh - No Way Out
Mockba - Sputnik II
Tricky - Sex Drive
Husker Du - Masochism World
Gang of Four (remixed by Amusement Parks on Fire) - Why Theory?
Fantomas - Book 1: Page 23
Nirvana - Verse Chorus Verse
Sonic Youth - Panty Lies
Blonde Redhead - SW
Urge Overkill - Take A Walk
Aloke - Pennywhistle
Ciccone Youth - Making the Nature Scene
Concubine Forming - March of the Robots
Devo - Love Without Anger

...also the spawing of many amazing bandnames such as:

Darth Poodle
Henchmen's Union
Mortuary Hoist
Second Rate Villian
Nefarious Nemesis


Dog Hands

..coming to a fierce bill near you!