Monday, May 25, 2009

The Theremin Fractured

Beta got me a theremin kit for my birthday, and I've been gleaning music featuring the instrument. (The theremin is an early electronic instrument, invented in the 1920s, that is played by waving your hands by a volume-controlling antenna and a pitch-controlling antenna. It's all portamento and glissando and scifi wooo.) Hence my theme for the week.

Blake Jones--Music to Change Clothes By
Ugly Casanova--Smoke Like Ribbons
Kevin Sinnott--A Burst of Color
Add N to (X)--Party Bag
12 Cents for Marvin--Persian Dub
Les Claypool--Mushroom Man
Schwump--The Crocodile's Song
Os Mutantes--Banho De Lua
The Pixies--Velouria
The Flaming Lips--Race for the Prize
Tripping Daisy--Same Dress New Day
Blur--This Is a Low
Jarrod Barker--World's Greatest Scientists

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